Grav Labs 12mm 3" Taster Fumed Pipe

  • $9.99

Whether you’re looking for a bedside boost or a reliable companion for outdoor adventures, the top-notch designers at Grav Labs have crafted the chillum for you! Known for their solid, scientific glass pieces, the Austin-based glassmasters have added a touch of luxury to this minimalist design by fuming genuine gold and/or silver to its already high quality glass for a dynamic metallic finish. The top-loading bowl packs a full portion of your favorite ground material, and smoke descends through the ultra-portable 3-inch straight tube. Grav Labs, like the true enthusiasts they are, have even anticipated the rolling-off-the-table death that so often befalls one-hitters of lesser quality with a sturdy glass marble to keep it steady between puffs. The designers have also marked the taster with their signature logo for authenticity as their pieces are often imitated but never matched in excellence. This design is available in frosted glass and a variety of rich fumed glass hues for your personal preference.

• Grav Labs Chillum
• American Glass
• Available In The Color Of Your Choice
• Glass Chillum
• Glass Marble
• Grav Labs Chillum
• Thick Glass
• Clear Glass
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