Atmos AtmosRx Vaporizer

  • $99.99

Finally, a vaporizer we can all agree on. The AtmosRx is the perfect way to get clean aromatic vapor from dry herbal blends and waxy oils. This unique vape pen comes equipped with a wickless ceramic heating chamber that uses vaporization opposed to a combustion process. Vaporization burns well below the required temperature so there is no burning hence no smoke. This high-performance vaporizer releases enough heat to release essential elements but not enough to combust the dry herbs. Because there is no combustion many harmful elements are eliminated and the chemistry of the herb goes unchanged. This vapor pen is so advanced it will make you feel like you’re smoking in the future. The AtmosRx is engineered for maximum results and was designed with the vape connoisseur in mind. Constructed of reliable, high-grade material this vape pen features a discreet, sleek design that not only looks good but feels good in your hand. The Atmos herbal vape pen is portable, making it perfect for smokers on the go, and comes in an array of colors to choose from including blue, gray, green, and black. This hassle-free vape pen comes complete and ready to use straight from the box because let’s be honest, you wouldn't be able to wait.

1 x Atmos Rx Battery 1 x Glass Screen 1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber 1 x Chamber Connector 1 x Ceramic Filter 1 x Mesh Filter + Spring 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece 1 x Cleaning Brush Tool 1 x Packing Tool 1 x Wall Adapter 1 x USB Charger 1 x User Manual

Warranty: 30 Days - Battery

Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 2

Weight: 2 lbs